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China Tea Fermentation Machine
When processing black tea, we need to  use tea fermentation machine. Its material is stainless steel. The most  important feature of our fermentation machine is that it can control temperature and humidity as the fermented item request. Generally, we use the machine to ferment black  tea.

This tea fermentation machine, make oxygen and gas are exchanged for the tea, so that the  tea can be fermented under the most suitable conditions. Let the color of the tea  be red, the grassy taste disappears.

    Product Features:
This machine precisely controls temperature, humidity,  oxygenation, and time, to provide the most appropriate and stable environmental  conditions to complete the appropriate fermentation.  The application of the equipment avoids excessive or insufficient fermentation,  make the tea leaves more fragrant. The quality of tea will be stabilized, unified and upgraded.

Operation method
Plug in the power, the machine into the  working state. Open the door by pressing the rotary control button, so that the  baking tray can be rotated to remove the position, pause rotation, remove the  baking tray evenly into the baking goods, baking tray back into the bake rack  closed the door. Set the required baking time and temperature on the  microcomputer control board, press the green start button, the machine into the  baking work state, press the rotary control button, baking pan began low-speed  uniform rotation baking.

The machine is mainly used for processing black tea and  other fermentation tea, also can be used for fermentation of seeds or other  food.

Our Advantages
1. Our factory is Anxi Yongxing Machinery Co., Ltd. in Quanzhou, Fujian. It  has more than 26 years of  experience in producing tea equipment.
2. We can do competitive  price and short delivery time.

    Product Parameters:
ModelOutside dimensionsWork output
(calculated on basis of green leaves)Fermentation barrel    (optional)Integral powerWork voltage
YX-6CFJ-5B1100*950*2000mm175kg/cycle16 pieces2.0kw220v

   >About us
Xiamen  Kuntuo Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional import and export trading company  and an exporter of Quanzhou Anxi Yongxing Machinery Co., Ltd. We are a tea  processing machinery enterprise integrating design, manufacture and sales. a  tea processing machinery enterprise integrated with design, manufacture and  sale. It forms 8 series of tea processing machines with independent  intellectual property in different specifications and models, and provides top  quality tea processing machines.

China Tea Fermentation Machine

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