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2/18/18 Ride Report
Left from Old Forge,  up RR tracks to trail 29 and then trail 2 to big moose station.  Tracks were little bumpy not to bad. Trail 2 was bumpier than the tracks. North on tracks looked rough.  went back down the tracks to OF.  Trail 4 to get on first lake.  Lakes up to Inlet. Passed the Inlet groomer.  7th lake and 8 lake. Trail from end of 8th lake to Dillon road was normal very bumpy.   Dillon road was smooth.  up to Forked Lake and north point road had snow on it and was groomed on the side.  Thought power line trail would still be icy so got on lake at steam boat landing and that was ok. there was few spots starting to open up. ADK hotel for lunch. Then back same way and went down Uncas Road and that was good. Took bug lake trail to 8th lake campground and that was very nice.  it was Smooth with few spots where they could not get filled in. Inlet Barnstorms do a great job for what they have to work with.  Back down the lakes to OF and stopped at Petes Peak.  117 miles.   

C7 looking north 

[Image: DSCN8160_zpsgeizeuvj.jpg]

[Image: DSCN8162_zpsrpwjdeaw.jpg]

RR tracks south going to OF.

[Image: DSCN8164_zpsxgprvlaa.jpg]

[Image: DSCN8168_zpsowwxcugj.jpg]

Trail 1 

[Image: DSCN8170_zpseclnsmj5.jpg]

going on to 2nd lake 

[Image: DSCN8172_zpsuid5vhve.jpg]

[Image: DSCN8175_zpstk00juto.jpg]

well you know the ICE is safe when more 1/2 out on Raquette Lake is this........

[Image: DSCN8176_zps0rigz2jv.jpg]

[Image: DSCN8180_zpsq7hvoet2.jpg]

[Image: DSCN8183_zpsry5o9zk8.jpg]

North Point Road 

[Image: DSCN8189_zpssvyu4zox.jpg]

Dillon road 

[Image: DSCN8194_zps5bp1vaio.jpg]

1st lake 

[Image: DSCN8199_zpscolatbhv.jpg]

[Image: DSCN8207_zpsjtwtmree.jpg]

[Image: DSCN8211_zpstthvcomr.jpg]
hey daredog,

I have only traveled through OF before never really didn't a lot of riding around that area other then the Indian lake OF FOPO ohio Salisbury loop.

I was always told that you could just take the lakes from the pond in town strait up to the end of 4th lake. from your pic it looks like 1st lake has wide open water on it. whats the story there? is there a trail off the side or can you not ride the pond up through the channels?
A Ski-Doo with nitrous is like a girl with an STD
you want to hit it bad but are afraid of the consequences. 
do not start on the OF pond as the channel from the pond to 1st lake is moving, and either open or very thin.

starts at the lower end of 1st lake along the shore where water is 2 feet deep and then crosses 1st lake and all the lakes from that point. 90 mile trip fist lake to long lake and back. another good trip -loop are the lakes to long lake, then on to Newcomb, Indian Lake and back to OF via moose river plains.

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