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97 Polaris XLT SP

anyone interested in a 97 XLT, 600 triple, electric start, reverse.

I want to say just over 8,000 miles but still running strong.

2 years ago I blew the chain & chaincase, so that got replaced last year

probably 1,000 miles or maybe just over that on an ice attack track, have a new set of hyfax with it, plastic ski covers installed, cover, a new set of carbides at the end of 2 seasons ago probably only rode 150miles last winter so not worth registering & insuring when I don't have the time to ride anymore.   

I would say it's a good sled for when a buddy wants to come along or someone who has a teen that is looking for a first sled,  asking $1000 obo

i can e-mail/text pics to anyone interested.

seat could stand to be replaced and the windshield has a large crack so not visually appealing it does run very well (and the windshield will still stop a lot more air with the zip ties than some of the newer doo's will so it's not nearly as cold Big Grin )
no interest? or wrong price?
$900, located in Boonville
Will ask my BIL

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sled still for sale, if someone needs a like new ice attack track, you could probably buy the sled swap tracks resell sled for $600-800 and just be out your time. if it wasn't for the track I would have it priced lower
Seems like a good deal.

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