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Tow vehicle maint.
Just thought I'd share what I did for maintenence on my tow vehicle. Only one sled left so will continue to use my Grand Cherokee. It only a 3.7, but very capable. I've been having problems with very slow leaks in various hoses. I also had a rusty oil pan I've been meaning to get to for a couple years now, but it wasn't leaking so i thought I'd wait. Well,the time had come. I ordered about $500 in parts and fluids. I figure i saved about a grand minimum. Here's the old oil pan     the new one I purchased 3yrs ago     pic of the crank 138000mi.     transmission lines replaced. Here's the old one     fluid and filter also done

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The power steering pressure hose and both return lines were leaking         the pressure line was an absolute bitch. Did both differentials and the transfer case .     Finished things off by flushing the radiator. When all said and done, every fluid but brake fluid was changed. Im sore and bruised from head to toe, but it was worth it.
i hope is still shifts o.k. I have always heard and been told if you dont do tranny filter and fluid every 50,000 miles or so, do not touch it. I guess this is especially true if it has 100,000 and never been done. The parts inside the tranny wear, and the old fluid that is thicker and has particles in it take up the extra wear between parts.
I had to replace a leaking trans gasket on a car with around 140,000 and wasnt going to put the old fluid back in and it now shifts funny. While slowing down it downshifts with a clunk and jerk. Most of the time i have heard of them slipping between upshifts though.
Hopefully you wont have any problems, and your jeep got some well deserved love.
It's a NAG 1 transmission. Service interval is 100,000 mi. In my opinion, that's pushing it. It doesn't come with a dipstick . Had to buy one and it doesn't stay in the car, it just for checking. Supposed to be checked at a certain temp and then compared to a chart. I just warm it up to operating temp and check the chart for 190-200 deg. Seems fine, shifts great, time will tell. The Jeep seems happy!
most manufacturers recommend 100,000 intervals, but i also think by then its to late. glad it is working good for you.
Did it work for you? I'm planning to get a Blue Ox towing system that I could use for my Jeep XJ.
Is your truck still around?

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