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chevy towing mirrors
I have a set of these and they work great, good price.
I'll takeem if they'll fit on my 2011 1500
(03-07-2014, 08:35 AM)irish_redneck Wrote: I'll takeem if they'll fit on my 2011 1500

ir, there not mine. you can go on ksource website with the part number in the ad and see if they fit.
no fit Sad
Not to hijack thread here, but may I suggest that if you can't see down sides of your trailer to get a set of towing mirrors and slap on. They are temps, easy on/off. Had a few in front or couple pass who I know couldn't see unless they wiggled. In some cases, one can even replace stock ones w/ tow mirrors that will slide inward when not towing.
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