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Trailer spring shackle bushings
i bought my open sled bed trailer new in 2001 and after a couple years the 2 pivot bolts for the bed seized up. they put a steel bolt through an aluminum bushing, and everything corroded together. i have tried pounding the bolts out, air hammer, and they still won't budge. when i bought a new blizzard trailer in 2010, it had the same set up. i took the bolts out when new, drilled a hole through the center, and 1 in the side and put a grease zerk in the end. i grease these fitttings a couple times a year as with my wheel bearings. If someone buys a new trailer this would be a good idea if it has the same set up.

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Trailer spring shackle bushings - by eltigre - 04-19-2013, 03:17 AM
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