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Full Version: Type of pistons to use?
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Well with over 6ooo+ miles on my sled she is due for a rebuild. I have told to use OEM parts by some and was told to use wiseco by others.

Anyone have any suggestions?
What have you used?
Is there any other options?

I want to do this right so the price difference between the two isn't relevant. though the wiseco is cheaper I'm being told they are better.

I've had good luck with wiseco. Heard bad thinks about kimpex.

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SPI is supposedly the bottom of the barrel in the piston world so I've heard.
6K on OEM 'Doo ones can't be that bad, stick with 'em I'd say.
i've always tried to use o.e.m., unless someone has a cheap budget. agree with greg, 6000 on oem, i would stick with them.
From what I've read, forged pistons (weisco's) will expand faster than cast pistons (ski-doo OEM) which in some instances, had an increase of failures w/ 4 corner seizures. I'd stick with OEM since you are not building a custom race engine where you would likely custom bore the cylinder anyway...not to mention getting 6000 miles on OEM is really good...especially on a single ring'd piston!