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Full Version: NEW YAMAHA arriving?
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Was chatting with Aaron down to Excell's last night & he told me that a new Yamaha is coming out- Feb 17th (I think) or around there.
Asked him what it was and got a "can't tell ya' but it's gonna shake things up, and replacing the Nytro"

"don't know, but 100# lighter than Nytro"

Gotta think he knows, LOL.... But got me curious now, glad he didn't tell me anything. A hybrid cross between Nytro + Phazer- that'd just rock! Cool

Said he's headed out West to ride it & they're lucky enough to be getting one in, another visit soon.

Pulled this off the Totallyamaha site- artist rendering
crotch rocket sled, I sorta like it
[Image: t_828371222629088_682_zpsa1932093.jpg]
Looks like a Lorena Bobbit mobile!!
They've finally listened to me but I wanted the phazer chassis with 120 horse turbo would of been cool, can we say hello EXCITER?
Who knows what it'll be....
Searched many sites all over the net for a pic, found 1 of something under a sheet was all. Been pretty tight lipped.

Maybe a 'Cat motor in it? God, hope not Big Grin
Excited to see what it is

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Aaron told me I was gonna like it, IDK.
Someone on TY had mentioned a 550?

Funny thing, when the Phazer came back out in '07 a now ex neighbor's buddy got one- man I thought it was SO freakin' ugly!

Just had to get the experience of something different before passing judgement based on looks alone, it suits me fine for the most part.
Pulling 100+ is great with a bigger sled but realistically bopping thru the woods nimbly most of the time at 45-55 or so on various terrain is just as much fun.
Do ya' really need to run 100 all day long to have a good ride. Nope.
I thought they looked like something outta star wars... Smile

I agree on the 100+. For my next sled, was possibly looking at the turbo. Do I need it? NO. Have had 600's since '98. Have the non turbo. Just have something I haven't had. Mrs complains about the smoke from any 2 stroke bothering her so that leaves the 800 out. With talk of Cat coming out w/ a 600 (which if true and is a smokeless one) has my curiosity up.
I always seem to get stomach acid riding my 2 stroke... hasppens too often to be a coincidence....
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