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Full Version: Got one?
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So noboby rides one?
Don't blame ya' Tongue

Don't be embarassed, step up boys & get your Polaris forum going, that's what it's here for.
bjd is registered here... hasn't hit this forum yet tho
btw - rode a 2013 polaris indy 600 yesterday for a few miles...will say I was impressed. Also had a chance to ride a 2009 phaser for a bit - was a blast to ride; but the track was only a 1" so it really slid in the corners...
I used to rely on the track to slide out and the sled to follow the skags , since I changed to a 1.25 with built in studs, I've had to allow for the fact that won't happen...
i've got a 97 XLT with over 7,300 miles. guess the Polaris post is quiet becuase the used to be built so well. Heard rummors of Polaris moving some stuff to Mexico so that will probably sink the brand if they go through with it or maybe make my sled worth more :-D
So instead of the future Polaris's going BRAAPPPPPP.....they sound like this...undelay undelay ariba ariba!!!! doubtful if they move parts to Mexico it will suffer at all - in fact, most of our manufacturing sites outside of the US are starting to become very competitive / cost effective without sacrificing quality; albeit years ago that wasn't the case, but by today's standards, the gap is closing quickly...I'd be more nervous if it stayed in america since we tend to employ (for very cheap labor type jobs) people from other countries that have very little college education and/or speak english as their 2nd or 3rd language...just sayin!

hey, just so you guys don't think I'm making any uncool remarks...Undelay Ariba means..."up up lets go" or "up up and away"...
ok, ill post some polaris pics.
06 fusion 600
06 fusion 700
07 iq 600
00 xcr 120
02 edge x 120
00 scrambler 50
the fusion 700 is long gone, and no pics of the iq, or the edge x.
many more along the way also.

picked up oem pistons today, says made in italy.
isn't that where all of the high end sports cars are made.
I noticed my seat on the Rush was "Inspected by Miguel". I guess if Americans can't/won't work we have to find someone who will.