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Full Version: Atv transplant!
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Okay I'm starting this so I don't keep posting in the chat section.

As most of you know this past fall my 2004 Arctic Cat 400 4x4 atv let the fly wheel magnets loose and one fell into the stator and broke into chunks and ground down to super fine particals. After pulling the side cover off it was found thT all the magnetic particals had circulated through the motor in the oil and were stick in the bearing, on the crank and rod. Seeing a new Arctic Cat fly wheel was over $400 and if the stator was damaged that was going to be another $600. Figuring there may be further damage and purchasing gaskets and any warren bearings we figured it would be cheaper to go with a new motor from Arctic Cat. For under $2,400 the motor comes 100% complete cover to cover including all internal electronics. All I have to do is re-use my carb and exhaust. Figured I will post up some picks as I get started on this project.

[Image: image-56.jpg]

My new engine I picked up today, took less than 24 hours to get in after ordering yesterday afternoon.
Got all but one motor mount out. I have broke three sockets on it, just weird that I can't find one that fits tight on the nut. Have to get my impact out of my truck tomorrow, hopefully that will rattle it off or break it. Don't look like this is going to be too bad, as of now. Famous last words, lol.

[Image: image-57.jpg]

The old fly wheel, have to love what's left of the magnets.
Oxygen and acetylene will take any stubborn nut off. Big Grin
(03-27-2014, 09:01 PM)polarisfan Wrote: [ -> ]Oxygen and acetylene will take any stubborn nut off. Big Grin

Or a BFH!Big Grin
I tried metric and sae but nothing seems to be very tight, thinking next size smaller and BFF and then impact gun! Lol I will win! Can't use torches, the area is covered in oil and plastic skid plate is there. Nothing comes off the wheeler easy because it's 10 years old and used in a salty inviroment all winter.
KB did you get that last bolt out yet?
Yeah got it out along with the motor. Just have not had time to work on it sense. I ordered all new motor mount bolts and nuts along with exhaust gasket and carb gasket. I keep thinking I might strip the wheeler to nothing and blast the frame and coat it with por15 or equivelent. Then replace some key bolts with stainless or galvanized hardwear. But I know it won't happen, and I will be riding it next week, lol.
Well if anyone want to know, I have finally got the wheeler together and running about two weeks ago. All seems fine, just need to get new tires now.
So much useful information. I am very glad that I joined you!