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Full Version: 2010 sno pro 500
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Can not get machine to rev up will only idle. When u got to throttle up just massive bog at whits end had electrical issues was wondering before I spent pile of money what are my options

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Fuel filter, swollen fuel lines, throttle bodies sucking air??

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very hard to say with these newer fuel injected machines. could be throttle position sensor, throttle cable free play, wires to injectors, or injector. there are many different things it could be. unfortuneatly i think you will need to take it to a dealer so they can hook it up to computer.
At idle, does it seem to run okay? Temps seem matched at "Y" pipe from each cyl? If so, I'm going to agree w/ MMS that sadly, you will probly have to take it to a dealer. You can check for cable tension yourself and if that seems ok, then it's time to plan your next move. Plugs ok as well? A host of probables could be the root of things. Cables, filters, injectors, coils, electrical something or another. Cat dealers have a computer much like auto shops to hook plug into sled and see what comes up. Plan on spending 40-100 bucks for this. May end up being something simple or costly. Sorry don't have a better solution for ya.
Ya I had an issue with my kill switch the two wires fuesed togther witch cause my helmet visor plug in to keep melting the plug in cord no is there any way to test that throttle position sensor the dealer ship told me maby the cable got moved and thinks its in freeze up mode as like throttle is froze played with that no change it dose like a high idle to when finally starts. Very hard starting

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And this all started when out rideing one day stopped for twenty mins on side hill kind of parked on 35 degree angle left side down ward thought maby I had froze up could not get it started till machine was level and 7 pulls later

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did you have your throttle assy. apart?
you said the kill switch wires burned together?
there are also 2 throttle switches in that block for your throttle lever. as 1 switch opens, the other closes. if these wires are messed up, or burned, it will idle fine and take no throttle. these are the safety switches the dealer was talking about, if the throttle freezes, it prevents sled from taking off.
i would take the throttle assy apart and check these 2 switches.
Will do thanks

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Have you ever had the ecu updated by cat?
No I havent

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The 2010 are notorious for wanting to stall out due to a bad program installed by cat when new. They came out with a update that will help take out some of the low end bog on take off. It is all in how you push the throttle, hard to explain. I had a 2010 that was really bad to the point I could not load it into the trailer and if I stopped at the road I could not get moving to cross it again. And sometime it would just cut out while riding, but once new program was done he problem went away for the most part. Did you just get the sled? Was it a new left over? Did it ever run fine for you?
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